ISO Non-Conformance Research

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Brief Analyse Non-Conformances Raised in audits for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.  Identify common weaknesses in management systems. Source: Assent Risk Management Audits Data Range: June 2016-June 2017 Sample Size: 1147 Published: 04/07/17 Infographics Report Introduction Assent Risk Management is an ISO Consultancy company which provides services to clients including implementing ISO Management Systems […]

What does SHEQ mean?

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By Robert Clements Roles referencing SHEQ in the title or description have developed in recent years and are formed of 3 distinct disciplines. 1. Safety and Health An established compliance area, occupational health and safety management is governed by several pieces of UK legislation, as well as national watchdog – the HSE. More on Safety. […]

Do I Need to Employ a Health and Safety Officer?

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By Robert Clements Companies are often confused about what is required of them when it comes to providing human resource for Health and Safety. While small & medium sized enterprises might assign Health and Safety duties in addition to an existing job role – larger organisations may decide to employ dedicated staff to manage this. […]

Data Retention Policy: How Long Should You Keep Records?

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By Robert Clements All organisations generate information about their Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Finances and so on. It can become confusing when trying to decide what would be an ‘appropriate’ length of time to retain the information kept within an organisation. Of course, such length of time should be in-line with business requirements, Data Protection Legislation […]

U.K. Will Implement GDPR

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By Donna Clements It has been reaffirmed in the Queen’s speech that the UK Government will implement the EU General Data Protection Regulations despite pending Brexit negotiations. There is now just under a year until the May 2018 deadline for EU member states to incorporate GDPR in to their domestic laws; and all U.K. Organisations […]

GDPR Survey – How Prepared Are You?

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By Donna Clements IntroductionThe General Data Protection Regulations represents the most significant Data Protection reform in nearly 20 years, and with less than 12-months before the mandated EU deadline for member states to implement GDPR, we were interested in how organisations were preparing for such a significant change. We invited our existing customers, visitors to […]

5 Energy Advantages an ISO 50001 Management System has on your Business.

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  ISO 50001 is an International Standard enabling organisations to establish the systems and processes required to measure and improve their energy performance. This standard fits together with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) really well, as Energy Management should be viewed as part of overall Environmental Policy and therefore aspects of ISO 14001 can be easily […]

5 Reasons for Drinking Fountains to make a comeback AND how this would link to ISO 14001…

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You may have seen in our recent Risk Digest, the article on ‘drinking fountains’ by The Telegraph (If not, then you should sign up – it’s free!). Campaigners have been voicing their opinion that drinking fountains should be brought back into public areas to resolve Britain’s waste situation. Here at Assent, we believe it’s a […]

7 Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Certification Body.

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  Choosing a Certification Body? Things to consider… Accreditation Certification Bodies will audit your company to verify your Management Systems and Processes. The Bodies themselves are accredited by a central body to ensure they uphold the Principles of Certification. The most familiar of these is UKAS. Have a look at our blog: Why Choose a […]