ISO Certification Recovery

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ISO Certification is important to many businesses as it demonstrates good governance and can be used in tenders and winning new business. However, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes your ISO Certification can be put at risk.   Assent Risk Management occasionally come across these situations and we can help you to recover […]

ISO 45001 Transition Help

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The Final draft of ISO 45001 has now passed approval with the final release looking likely for February 2018! We’re ready to help you implement this health and safety standard as a new system or transition from OHSAS 18001. While we are still waiting for the UKAS and certification guidance on the matter, it’s not […]

Saving Energy with Smart Devices: The Twilight Zone

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Every night at 11.30pm something changes at my house.  Without any human intervention, the smart lights from the front garden to the upstairs landing reduce their power consumption or switch off completely.  If you are still awake after 11.30pm you might need to ask the Smart Home Assistant to turn a light back on, or […]

Resilience Culture amongst your workforce

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Guest Post Article from Business Coach, Vicky Kelly – Butterfly Effect Coaching There is a lot of talk in society at the moment about Mental Health.  It’s great that there is not the same stigma around it that there used to be, however the problem with talking about Mental Health and Mental Illness is that […]

Why Are Cleaners So Risky In ISO 27001….

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The international standard for information security management, ISO 27001, takes a risk based approach and covers both digital and physical assets.   The 114 controls contained in Annex A of the standard includes those for physical security, human resource security and supplier relationships. While there are many risks to consider within an organisation, one area […]

CEO FRAUD: How Assent Tackled a Phishing Attempt!

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CEO FRAUD: How Assent Tackled a Phishing Attempt! CEO Fraud is a phishing technique where fraudsters impersonate authority figures to request payments or data from individuals within the company. The fraudster’s aim is to get the target to make a payment straight to them. On 18th January, we received a suspicious email supposedly from our […]

Open Banking is here!

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By Lauren Tobin You might not be aware yet, but Saturday (13th January 2018) saw the start of Open Banking, and this will probably affect how you manage your money in the future! What is Open Banking? Your bank has records of your spending data from the years you’ve had your account with them, and […]

Shared Learning – The Value of Collaboration

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Effective learning depends on the learner having an interest in the topic.  If that interest doesn’t come naturally, because the learning is something required by an employer or a professional organisation, it is helpful to find something that is of interest.  This may be as simple as prospects of future promotion for knowing the information […]

Tech Risk Management in 2018

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By Robert Clements As we start 2018 it’s interesting to look ahead at the risks that might resonate in the tech scene this year. Here are some of our thoughts: Blockchain & DLT Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, gained a lot of headlines towards the end of 2017, as its market capital increased exponentially. Some more adventurous […]