How to retain evidence of staff training

Many organisations provide training for their staff. It is important to keep a record for each member of staff of the training they have successfully completed. This may be;

  •     so that they can be offered other appropriate training
  •     as evidence of training for internal use, such as annual reviews
  •     as evidence of training for external use, e.g. legal and other compliance 


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Many organisations find the most convenient way to deliver training and keep records is through an online learning management system (LMS). An LMS allows you to present the training materials, follow learner progress, set quizzes and assessments and keep records of learner engagement and completion. 


Online materials

Training materials that are attractive and easy to follow can encourage learners to engage with the content and can take place anywhere at any time. Learners do not have to physically attend a location to complete their training and a more detailed training record of the learner’s engagement and progress can be provided. 


Online classrooms

Most LMS’s allow you to set up classes or different categories so that you can select which courses you want your staff to have access to. You can also set timers to allow the materials to be released at set intervals. 

You can see how long learners have spent on each lesson or module and look at quiz or assessment figures including how long it took them to complete and what scores they achieved. 





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How to retain evidence of staff training