Just achieved ISO Certification? Congratulations! You’ve put in heaps of dedication and hard work, now it’s time to show it off!

How can you promote your ISO Certification? Our marketing team discuss multiple methods to show off your new ISO Certification.

  1. Let your followers know on social media!

Posting out on social media can be a great way to promote your ISO Certification to a wide audience in a short space of time. A simple “We’re now ISO 27001 Certified!” post could go a long way.

  1. Write a blog on your ISO Journey

Does your organisation have a blog? Let your audience know about your dedication to risk management by posting a blog on why you decided to become ISO Certified!

  1. Add Certification marks to your website

Show off to website visitors by displaying Certification marks on your website! You can retrieve ISO certification logos from the official ISO website and place them at key spots on your site.

  1. Set up an area on your website talking about your objectives

Whatever your objective is for achieving ISO Certification, share it on your website! Creating an area on your website to discuss your objectives is a great way to build trust with website visitors.

For example, if you achieved ISO 27001 certification, you can talk about how you protect your customers’ personal identifiable information. Or, if you achieved ISO 9001 certification, you could talk about how you provide customers with the highest quality products and services.


Source: ARM
How to Promote Your ISO Certification!