Deliver training anywhere with a mobile compatible LMS

Finding the time for learners to complete training can sometimes be difficult. Often the workplace is not the best environment because there are too many distractions.

Taking time out of the working day to attend courses can be inconvenient and time consuming. While training in this way has the advantage of feedback from other learners, it can also be a distraction.

Online learning, when delivered in the right way, has proven to be less time consuming and more effective, especially if learners can control when, where and how they receive their materials.

If there is an incentive for workers to complete their training, a mobile compatible LMS (Learning Management System) can provide the most convenient access to the learner.


Learner perception

One of the problems with persuading people to engage with training is their perception of it as being difficult or boring. However, most people have internet on their mobile phones and are familiar with using it, making online learning a better prospect for engagement.

Many people play games on their mobile phones, so if learning materials can be presented in a similar format, it will make it even more attractive for learners to use.


Short lessons

Training that is broken down into small bite sized chunks has proven to be the most effective, and most LMS’s allow you to release the materials in time controlled sections.  This allows learners to take in information when they are free to concentrate, and wherever they find most convenient.

Short lessons also prevent information overload and learner boredom.


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Deliver training anywhere with a mobile compatible LMS