Contribute to our Open Data Project

At Assent we have recently launched an Open Data Project, with the intention of improving the standards and consulting industry by making more data available to the public, and we would love your help to achieve this.

As a first step, we have made anonymous non-conformance data from our internal audits available via a public dashboard.  This allows anyone to filter and analyse non-conformances across many standards.


NC Data

This data is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license

Can You Help?

We’d like to include anonymous non-conformance data from other consultancies into our data set to get a complete picture of the industry.

This could be a sample of your data, for example a single standard, or all your non-conformances.


The entries are completely anonymised.  No client names or identifiable information is included in the dataset.  Data can be sent to us securely, see below.

Crediting Your Contribution

We will credit all parties who contribute to this open dataset on our open data page at

How to Contribute

  1. Select your sample data.
  2. Download our ingest Excel template.
  3. Send data via:
    • Passworded Email Attachment,
    • Secure Google Drive Share,
    • Secure OneDrive Share.
    • Our Service Desk.

Contact us to discuss the Open Data Project Further.