Learning Online

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Many people and organisations are now turning to online learning. There are lots of reasons why you may prefer it to classroom-based training. For example, you can usually access learning at a time and place that suits you. Also, it can be less disruptive to your work day than a classroom course.  Most online courses […]

Levels of Internal Audit Findings

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Even the best management systems can pick-up findings during an internal audit and it shouldn’t be seen as a negative.  Our auditors are committed to supporting the resilience and improvement of your organisation through our audit programmes. This article describes the different type internal audit findings.     Major Non-Conformance A major non-conformance is the […]

Internal Audit Report Review Process

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Assent Risk Management is committed to providing internal audits to the highest standard and level of impartiality. To achieve this aspiration we undertake a detailed Report Review Process for every audit report we issue to a client. Impartial Review Every report is reviewed by a member of our office team, who has not been involved […]

ISO Internal Audit Techniques

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Our ISO Auditors will use a variety of audit techniques to obtain the required objective evidence and achieve the objectives of each internal audit session. This blog explains those audit techniques in a little more detail, so you know what to expect.   Sampling Using a representative sampling technique is one of the most effective […]

Client Journey Feedback Survey 2018

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At the heart of everything we do at Assent are our PRIDE values – to be Progressive, Responsible, Independent, Dedicated and Expert. To ensure we maintain the high levels of service we expect of our ourselves, each year we complete a Customer Feedback Survey. This not only measures our current performance, but also helps us […]

Consultant Journey Feedback Survey 2018

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A Growing Team In 2018 the Assent team grew, welcoming a new I.T. Apprentice and several new consultants who each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. And although the whole Assent team is dedicated to providing the best service for our clients, it’s the consultants who are the face of our company. Consultants interact […]

How Might Brexit Affect my ISO Certification?

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Many organisations adopt ISO Standards because they are recognised and trusted across the world. Standards help organisations trade & collaborate using a common set of rules; and ISO Certification is a way of demonstrating that your organisation meets those requirements. So if you are a UK company, how does Brexit affect your ISO Certification?   […]

How to Prepare for your External Audit

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The final part, and perhaps the most nerve wracking part, of your ISO Certification Journey – External Audits can cause anxiety and tension in the workplace. What is an External Audit? An external audit is the final stage before you become ISO Certified. An external auditor from a UKAS accredited Certification body will visit your […]

Cybercrime: Am I really safe?

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Security by Obscurity. This is a mindset employed by too many businesses these days – just make things relatively secure and hope they are not targeted. It’s a very thin line to walk on, especially considering the average cost of a data breach has been projected to exceed $150 million by 2020 [1]. 1.68 billion […]