5 ways to improve engagement with training

Research has shown that it can be difficult to get learners to engage with training. If they don’t, they are unlikely to learn anything so the training will be a waste of time and money. However, there are things that can be done to increase learner engagement with training materials.

1.   Interest and relevance

We know that people are drawn to things that interest them. While we can’t know everyone’s individual interests, we can include materials that are relevant specifically to their work role. Providing training for specific areas or job roles will make it more likely that something of value will be learned.

2.   Presentation

Most learners find large blocks of text difficult to process. Lessons should be broken up with images and diagrams where possible. Include lots of colour if you can, even if it is only in chart or diagram form, because most people are more drawn to images and colour.

3.   Keep it short

Large amounts of information, however it is presented can lead to cognitive overload; too much information to process. If you keep lessons short and to the point, learners are more likely to fully process and remember the information that is there.

4.   Interaction

If learners are required to do something with the material other than just read, they are more likely to reach the higher levels of information processing. The easiest way to achieve this is to have short quizzes after each section where the learner is asked a question and can choose either a single answer from a few presented or multiple answers. This is easy to set up in a learning management system, where questions can be marked automatically without the need of a person.

5.   Learning with others

It is often helpful to learn with other people, because they may come up with new ideas or different interpretations of the materials that can aid understanding. Some LMS’s have the facility to set up a forum for specific groups of people, but also think about using social media platforms. A Twitter or Facebook group could easily be set up for learners to share their thoughts.


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5 ways to improve engagement with training